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Whenever we talk about motor racing or car racing, it brings lots of enthusiasm in our body. Many people like motorsports called car racing which involves the racing of different automobiles for championship or competition. From the decade’s car racing completion is organized in different countries and all the fans of car racing take part in the competition. 

For car racing, the most important thing is to have the perfect pitch. Many different countries are invested their money and a time to build a perfect car racing pitch for the competition and some of which we are going to discuss below:

Abingdon (East Midlands)

Abingdon is in Oxfordshire and it is also known as “RAF Abingdon”. It is the most popular and favorite track of car racer lovers. Abingdon was established in 1932 by the Ministry of Defence and at the start it is only used by Royal Air Force. The Abingdon Airfield has huge run-off areas which makes it an attractive or ideal track for racing and the surface area of the track is having high-quality asphalt. It is the first choice of many car racers.

Bedford Autodrome (East Midlands)

Bedford is mainly designed for enjoyment with high-speed performance road cars. The owner of Bedford is Jonathan Palmer who himself was a race driver. Bedford has been attracting the racer for quite some time because of its very challenging layout and amazing design. And it is designed in such a way that it makes the safest track and famous for corporate driving events.

Anglesey (Wales)

Anglesey Circuit was reconstructed in 2007 and as a result, now it has 4 circuit layout which includes Club, National circuit and so on. It is situated on land owned by Bodorgan estate. Today Anglesey is known for hosting large numbers of bike and car racing.

Castle Combe (South West)

Castle Combe is a very busy track for racing. If you want to use this track then you have to first book this track. As it is a very famous track and opens in 1950. This track covers 1.8 miles area and it also has an attractive park-like sitting which makes it more attractive to every visitor.

Brands Hatch (South East)

Brand hatch track days also offer the best experience for car racing. It is mostly home to British Motorsports and it is updated with the time to give excellent service to a racer.

So these are the most interesting racing tracks that I know, if you found some more racing tracks then please share in the comment section.


Best Rally Suspension Parts

Running in a rally directly means tackling dirt, which any sensible driver has to avoid: jump, rocks, ropes all leveling off. Within a very small duration of time rally suspension has become the most popular and best suspension in racing. When it comes to racing rally suspension parts are very important.

Here some of the best rally suspension parts described below:

Automotive TTX Flow

Automotive TTX is available in the market for the customer, this brand new TTX is very advanced as compared to another shock absorber. To control the large oil flow they reconstruct the “check-valve” system and now it stabilizes broad valve openings. TTX flow is best known for giving comfort and predictability which result in increased stability of the car. With the help of Automotive TTX flow, you can do the perfect setting for the driving style.


It is a shock absorber with inline reservoir and it has a very compact design which makes it best for asphalt oval racing. ILX is 2-way adjusted and multiple lengths available. Another feature is compression and rebound.

Crosskart Xtreme series

The TTX technology is also very much used in the Crosskart Xtreme. CrossKart Xtreme has a very small diameter with lightweight compact design and is a perfect concept of any car suspension model. TTX technology provides a good suspension for the fast vehicles and these give you excellent starting performance and perfect control on the track when it comes to driving. Its important features are it gives full maintenance and excellent service capability.

LMJ/LMP-Series Mk II

The LMJ is shock absorbers and it is developed for Motorsports applications. A new shaft needle design produces a very much similar feeling in the click range. Very high strength and lightweight aluminium body used by the LMJ/LMP-series Mk II. LMJ is available with a number of different options and these options include 1-way shaft jets and 2-way reservoir. It also has a new way cylinder design which permits the number of options top eye changes. LMP-Series has a larger diameter and the weight is also very low.

ORQ 16/46

ORQ 16/46 is a damper available in different lengths. There is one swivelling hose which increases the flow potential for very smooth arises on the vehicle. The ORQ 16/46 is 46 mm piston type and it also has a progressive damping system (PDS).

As per my point of view, these are the best rally suspension parts. If you know any other parts which are important then I’d like to know your opinion.


Racecar Clip Art

First of all let me tell you, “what is clip art?” – The clip art is a combination of pictures, scenarios that can be transferable to any deed, document or anywhere else. There are two types of images you will find in clip art i.e. raster graphics and vector graphics. 

Most of the time seen that kids and adults are fond of clip art but they are also fond of car clipart. Especially those people who do a lot of racing. If you search online then you will get 1000’s of images for race car clipart. But when we talk about racing then that clipart should be extraordinary and unique.

So I found some sites which provide the best clipart, as per Google search:


The first position hacked by Istockphoto on Google. Here you will get a variety of clipart which you can apply originally. Search for related terms and design your race car in a unique and innovative way. Here you can search for the race track, racing car, etc so that you can get the exact result you want.


On Gettyimages you will find all types of creative clipart related to any niche. Not only clipart but also you will find a video section. While searching on Gettyimages for “race car” I found some search options that are race track, sports car, speed, race car driver, etc. You will get 1000’s of results on this site itself.


Have you heard about Clipart-library? I guess the answer should be “Yes”. LoL! Here at Clip-art library, you will get a huge and interesting collection of “Race Car clipart”. By using the search button you can search for the required clipart at an absolutely free price. You can also share this clipart on social media sites, blogs, websites, etc.


I don’t think this website needs any introduction. As we all know this website is an eCommerce store. Here you can get everything you want. By paying a decent amount you can buy awesome racing clipart. 


Your Guide to Rally Car Suspension

The rally car is not a new term for racing lovers. Still, I want to define this term here for non-racers. The races which happened after some interval of time which includes pollution, rainy weather, snow, tough roads, etc known as rallies. And rally cars are used in these types of races. To participate in this rally we need to modify our cars in such a way so that it can handle worst conditions. The modification must be done to maintain the high amount of speed from start point to finish point. 

In race anything can happen so we must prepare our rally cars for the tough conditions. That’s why rally cars are modifying themselves to meet the criteria of racing. Their upgrades are highly focused on increasing performance. 

Giving money to someone else to upgrade the vehicle it’s not a good idea. What about building your own rally car? Here we are explaining some important points to take care of while modifying and upgrading your own car.

Required knowledge

You can build a car in two ways i.e. 1) you need a rally car kit to modify and assemble the car you choose or 2) you can buy specific components to build a car. 

If you talk about the first way then it requires mechanical knowledge as well as working knowledge. You should be capable of handling chassis, powertrain, etc. Otherwise, you can go for the second option. While building a rally car you should be aware of rally car requirements like speed, horsepower, etc. 

Design and Representation

There are so many things we need to keep in mind while designing the car like the safety of the driver, speed, durability, brake stopping power, suspension setup, visibility, etc. So while constructing and designing the vehicle make sure that you are taking care of your safety. 


Your rally car is incomplete without suspension so make sure that you are adding the latest suspension to it. 

Here is the list of suspensions which are extremely important from my point of view.

Air Suspension


Damping controllers

Lift Kits

And so on….

What’s your suspension??? Use affordable and eco-friendly suspensions at the start.


Plan your budget before upgrading. If you take the 3 to 4 year older car for modification then it will be economical. Without suspensions and rally kit, you can’t design the car. So don’t forget to include their costs too.

These are important points you must be aware of before building a rally car and adding suspension. What’s your view??? Comment below!


How to build a racecar

If you are thinking about car racing then you definitely need a sports car which has different and advanced features than your usual car. So if you want to assemble your own racing car depending upon your requirement then there are many more factors on which you have to work.

Racing cars with high performance can automatically attract you and these vehicles are available in different varieties. Racing can happen legally and illegally on different tracks like parking lots and kart track. First, you have to decide on which platform you want to drive your racing car. For the racing purpose, you have to build a car that will give you very high speed. So to build your own car you have to focus on some basic things like car designs, car suspension, car chassis and so on.

Car design includes all the measurements of the racing car-like track width, wheelbase, CG (center of gravity) location, CG (center of gravity) Heights. You have to select the perfect wheel that is going to be used in car racing, car heights are also very important during car-building, racing car height is not similar to a regular car. The car weight is very important when it comes to racing, so it should not more because its consequences directly reflect on the speed of the car during the racing.

Car suspension components include tires, wheels, brakes and so on. Suspension components play an important role while designing a car. Its main goal is to give a stable platform from which you can control your vehicle. Suspension can give the direction to keep every tire in contact with a dump surface.

There are different chassis available in the market but among all, you have to select the best and suitable chassis depending on their shapes and sizes. You can use square tubing or metal frame chasing depending on your needs. And you can also use joined panels to construct chassis structure.

Here in this article, we discussed designing or building a car. If you have some suggestions then please comment on the comment section.

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10 Best Driving Roads In North America for 2016

North America is acclaimed for its amazing and breathtakingly scenic driving roads over the world, making trips more pleasant, less tiring and comfortable. Here we suggest 10 best driving roads In North America.


1.When naming the best driving roads in North America, probably Pacific Coast Highway is unsurpassable for its attractiveness. The sparkling view of Pacific Ocean is the best option for those who are lovers of amazing ocean sights. The whole view completes by huge waves striking ocean side cliffs and sunny beaches plenty of cozy cafes and luxurious restaurants. However, it not advisable to indulge in to the beautiful scene to much, because at times driving can be dangerous.

2.To admire the beauty of Alaska one must choose his/her way over The Denali Highway or Alaska Route 8, as it sometimes is referred. This road is thought as the mostly gravel highway of Alaska. Driving over this road, you will have the chance to glorify the gorgeous views of Mount McKinley. The road passes over Maclaren River valley opening a spectacular view to Maclaren and West Maclaren glaciers. If you have a camera with you, you can capture the scenery of colorful wildflowers and trees, which are in their best fit during autumn.

3. Another cool road in Alaska is the Seward Highway. The roadside beauties of wild nature include jugged mountains covered with glaciers. The road has been called All-American Road by the US government, which suggests that it is a destination unto itself. At the official start of the road opens up a gorgeous view to Resurrection Bay and you can admire it from every curve of the road. So, The Pacific Ocean surrounded by snow-covered mountains will make your road over Seward Highway unforgettable.

4. Highway 1, aka “Big Sur’’ runs from San Simeon to Carmel. It is one of the best roads for those who love the scene of huge and risky cliffs. The view of Pacific Ocean below the cliffs forms a nice combination of natural beauty thus making your trip interesting and adventurous.

5. Historic Route 66 or Route 66, as it was once called, is famous as the Main Street of America. The reason for the assumption is that it goes through all of the small towns. You can find many restaurants, cafes, hotels and motels on the way. Route 66 is believed to be as a part of national history of North America, as it served as the main road for the people who migrated west in 1930s at Dust Bowl times.

6. US-50 Road is referred as The Loneliest Road in America. The name comes from a large isolated area traversed by the route, which has no signs of civilization and first was referred by Life magazine in July 1986. US-50 Road starches from Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, over 3.200 miles. It is noteworthy that you pass through several states, such as Colorado, Washington, D.C, San Francisco, Nevada, driving over US-50 Road. So, you come across a variety of mountain and valleys on your way.

7. The other one of 10 best driving roads in North America is Florida Keys or Highway 1, connecting Florida mainland to island of Key West. Charming beauty of the see is completed by the pop culture. If you appreciate the delicious taste of seafood, on your way you can find to several restaurants serving good dishes made of seafood. To put it in other way, anyone can find picturesque nature scenes and a lot of places of having fun driving over the road of Florida Keys.

8. Hels Canyon Road is the best choice for the travelers who are fond of advantages. The road starts from Coopersfield Campground, Oregon continuing its way to Hells Canyon Dam. It is a abundant wilderness area surrounded by jagged canon wall, the road runs along the Snake River for 22 miles.

9. As you can see, Oregon has plenty of interesting roads. The other one is called Route 245-Route 7-Route 26 Loop. What makes the road outstanding is that the traffic is nonexistent here. This means that you can drive for miles without meeting another car on your way. This road is a real happiness for those who are tired of intense traffic jams of big roads.

10. And finally, the list of 10 best driving roads in North America accomplishes Route 9W Highway. It is mainly a two-lane surface road, connecting the states New Jersey and New York. It runs alongside Storm King Mountain, from where a breathtaking view of rivers, valleys and highlands opens.






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Italian Sports Car Manufacturer “Ferrari” Leases NEW Vehicle to Kayne West

Check out this Video Captured of Corey Gamble and Kayne West Chilling with Kayne’s New Ferrari. The Vehicle is a one of one Front Engine Coupe, Completed in Rosso Corsa Red.


In Depth Analysis on Automotive Lowering Springs Vs. Coilovers

If you are passionate about driving and enjoy high-performance driving, then the handling and stability of the car will be important to you. What is a minor issue in calm street driving can become a critical factor when you are racing your car.
One great product for you to consider is lowering springs. Installing lowering springs lower the center of gravity of the vehicle. In common language, it means that more of the weight of the vehicle is concentrated in parts nearer to the ground than in the upper ones. You would have noticed that tall trees are easily swayed in a storm, while the shorter ones are not so affected. A car is similarly affected by twists and turns while it is being driven. A lower center of gravity gives it more stability. Driving is safer when the center of gravity of the vehicle is lower. The wheels also respond more quickly to the commands given by the steering wheel. Therefore driving becomes easier.

eibachs4 loweringvehicles lowering
Lowering springs lower the center of gravity by about 4 to 6 centimeters. This may seem a small distance, but it makes a big difference to the way your car handles and how it responds. Since the car is now closer to the road, less air can pass between the road and the car, and that means a lower lifting force on the car. This too makes the car hug the road better.
All the benefits stated above are significant, but that is not all. The lowering springs enhance the looks of your car in a great way. The car looks slick and sleek. It will score over other cars by its smarter look. Combined with products such as racing body kits your car will look like a dream car.
You can also add other products along with lowering springs such as coil overs and camber kits to further improve the quality of the ride.
Installing lowering springs is an easy way to give your car a great look while improving its performance and making it safer to drive. As with all suspension setup that seems to be available online bc racing coilovers need precision manufacturing so you should make sure you install and or purchase a product  springs made by an excellent manufacturer.
A coil over is in simple terms a superior quality monotube shock which includes a provision of mounting coil springs on the shock. It is thus a compact package of springs and shock. The use of coil overs requires strict attention on spring rates mounting geometry and shock valving. Although there isn’t anything magical about coil overs but they have some advantages. Its parts are separately available at reasonable prices. It is pretty easy to modify or adjust valving to suit the riders needs. They are of high quality, compact and easy to fit. They also allow the selection of specific spring rate to achieve any targeted suspension frequency and also re-adjustable to achieve suspension height or target ride height. It is also easy to set up a coil over for use with a combination of springs which provides a soft to firmer spring rate depending upon the compression of suspension. It also comes with an adjustable top spring seat which provides the advantage of adjusting the ride height. It also provides a remarkable ability for its position to be adjusted whenever a transition in the spring rate occurs.

The above discussion might not clear the air in your mind, but eventually, you shall figure it all out after we discuss the various types of coil overs, their parts, and functions. Most of the coil overs would be categorized either as a remote reservoir, piggyback or an emulsion coil over.
A piggyback coil over shock is somewhat identical to a remote reservoir shock the only difference being that the tank is mounted directly on the shock with a bracket that incorporates a hydraulic passage between the reservoir and the cylinder, instead of being attached to the shock with a flexible hydraulic hose. This makes it a challenge to fit. Technically speaking, one can mount a remote reservoir shock and a piggyback shock upside down and still work, but one would still refrain from doing so.
An emulsion coil over shock is different from the other two and has neither a reservoir nor floating piston. But it still is nitrogen charged shock, but the emulsion contains in it the charge along with the oil and the pressure tube. It’s resistance to foaming, aeration, and fades than the external ones is less and is best suited for lightweight and low-speed vehicles. Being compact and they are easier to fit than the other ones and also more economical than them. It can only be mounted right side up.

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LaFerrari Review

If you are looking for the best sport car available on the market today, this car is the best possible choice. LaFerrari is exactly what a supercar should look and sound like. Not mentioning that the design is perfect leaving little space for something to add, it is truly the pinnacle of automotive technology. On the road this car is beast, cutting corners is never easier due to the perfect design that offers low center of gravity.

[box type=”download”]

Price and performance.

This car is perfect in every way. Performance, complex multi-layer carbon fiber design should natualy be parallel with the price itself. For example Porsche 918 is around $845,000, McLaren P1 can be found at car shows for around $1,155,000 and this beauty goes for the price of $1,310,500. And that’s a proper price for a car like this. It’s built from not one but 4 super layers of carbon fiber to keep it as light as possible. In fact it is lighter than Porsche and McLaren. The driver seat is fixed, instead the wheel and the pedals are adjustable. This means that the person driving it can sit extremely low. Roof can be lower as well, and that drops the center of gravity providing much easier corner cutting.


Engine system.

Like the McLaren and the Porsche, LaFerrari is a hybrid- it has a petrol engine and an electric one as well. But whereas the other two can be driven on electric power alone like the Toyota Prius, LaFerrari can’t. This is because Ferrari stated that they are not interested in electric cars. The battery and electric motor combination works a bit like kinetic energy recovery system. In simple terms, it captures energy that would normally go to waste, during braking for example, and keeps it to use when you need it. Electric motor and the petrol engine are working together at the same time, you cannot separate them. This is a 950 horsepower supercar. Despite the racing technology and the design it requires it is actually very comfortable inside. This is supposed to be the fastest and the most exciting car to ride ever created by the Ferrari.

F1 Resemblance.

Without mentioning we can assume that LaFerrari can achieve speed of 100 km/h in about 3 seconds. With the top speed of 218 mph, that is 350 km/h this car is truly the fastest sport car that Ferrari ever manufactured. But it’s not just the amazing horsepower that’s impressive it’s the way how it’s served up. On top of that Ferrari had remembered that not everyone would drive this car like Sebastian or Hamilton. Because this car can throttle up before you think, Ferrari does all the thinking for you due to very sophisticated traction control system that is based on F1 technology.

LaFerrari also has a very specific aerodynamic system that is adjustable, which is controlled by 21 computers. So even the inexperienced driver will take advantage of those sharp corners.

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