English Race Tracks

Whenever we talk about motor racing or car racing, it brings lots of enthusiasm in our body. Many people like motorsports called car racing which involves the racing of different automobiles for championship or competition. From the decade’s car racing completion is organized in different countries and all the fans of car racing take part in the competition. 

For car racing, the most important thing is to have the perfect pitch. Many different countries are invested their money and a time to build a perfect car racing pitch for the competition and some of which we are going to discuss below:

Abingdon (East Midlands)

Abingdon is in Oxfordshire and it is also known as “RAF Abingdon”. It is the most popular and favorite track of car racer lovers. Abingdon was established in 1932 by the Ministry of Defence and at the start it is only used by Royal Air Force. The Abingdon Airfield has huge run-off areas which makes it an attractive or ideal track for racing and the surface area of the track is having high-quality asphalt. It is the first choice of many car racers.

Bedford Autodrome (East Midlands)

Bedford is mainly designed for enjoyment with high-speed performance road cars. The owner of Bedford is Jonathan Palmer who himself was a race driver. Bedford has been attracting the racer for quite some time because of its very challenging layout and amazing design. And it is designed in such a way that it makes the safest track and famous for corporate driving events.

Anglesey (Wales)

Anglesey Circuit was reconstructed in 2007 and as a result, now it has 4 circuit layout which includes Club, National circuit and so on. It is situated on land owned by Bodorgan estate. Today Anglesey is known for hosting large numbers of bike and car racing.

Castle Combe (South West)

Castle Combe is a very busy track for racing. If you want to use this track then you have to first book this track. As it is a very famous track and opens in 1950. This track covers 1.8 miles area and it also has an attractive park-like sitting which makes it more attractive to every visitor.

Brands Hatch (South East)

Brand hatch track days also offer the best experience for car racing. It is mostly home to British Motorsports and it is updated with the time to give excellent service to a racer.

So these are the most interesting racing tracks that I know, if you found some more racing tracks then please share in the comment section.

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