Best Rally Suspension Parts

Running in a rally directly means tackling dirt, which any sensible driver has to avoid: jump, rocks, ropes all leveling off. Within a very small duration of time rally suspension has become the most popular and best suspension in racing. When it comes to racing rally suspension parts are very important.

Here some of the best rally suspension parts described below:

Automotive TTX Flow

Automotive TTX is available in the market for the customer, this brand new TTX is very advanced as compared to another shock absorber. To control the large oil flow they reconstruct the “check-valve” system and now it stabilizes broad valve openings. TTX flow is best known for giving comfort and predictability which result in increased stability of the car. With the help of Automotive TTX flow, you can do the perfect setting for the driving style.


It is a shock absorber with inline reservoir and it has a very compact design which makes it best for asphalt oval racing. ILX is 2-way adjusted and multiple lengths available. Another feature is compression and rebound.

Crosskart Xtreme series

The TTX technology is also very much used in the Crosskart Xtreme. CrossKart Xtreme has a very small diameter with lightweight compact design and is a perfect concept of any car suspension model. TTX technology provides a good suspension for the fast vehicles and these give you excellent starting performance and perfect control on the track when it comes to driving. Its important features are it gives full maintenance and excellent service capability.

LMJ/LMP-Series Mk II

The LMJ is shock absorbers and it is developed for Motorsports applications. A new shaft needle design produces a very much similar feeling in the click range. Very high strength and lightweight aluminium body used by the LMJ/LMP-series Mk II. LMJ is available with a number of different options and these options include 1-way shaft jets and 2-way reservoir. It also has a new way cylinder design which permits the number of options top eye changes. LMP-Series has a larger diameter and the weight is also very low.

ORQ 16/46

ORQ 16/46 is a damper available in different lengths. There is one swivelling hose which increases the flow potential for very smooth arises on the vehicle. The ORQ 16/46 is 46 mm piston type and it also has a progressive damping system (PDS).

As per my point of view, these are the best rally suspension parts. If you know any other parts which are important then I’d like to know your opinion.

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