Your Guide to Rally Car Suspension

The rally car is not a new term for racing lovers. Still, I want to define this term here for non-racers. The races which happened after some interval of time which includes pollution, rainy weather, snow, tough roads, etc known as rallies. And rally cars are used in these types of races. To participate in this rally we need to modify our cars in such a way so that it can handle worst conditions. The modification must be done to maintain the high amount of speed from start point to finish point. 

In race anything can happen so we must prepare our rally cars for the tough conditions. That’s why rally cars are modifying themselves to meet the criteria of racing. Their upgrades are highly focused on increasing performance. 

Giving money to someone else to upgrade the vehicle it’s not a good idea. What about building your own rally car? Here we are explaining some important points to take care of while modifying and upgrading your own car.

Required knowledge

You can build a car in two ways i.e. 1) you need a rally car kit to modify and assemble the car you choose or 2) you can buy specific components to build a car. 

If you talk about the first way then it requires mechanical knowledge as well as working knowledge. You should be capable of handling chassis, powertrain, etc. Otherwise, you can go for the second option. While building a rally car you should be aware of rally car requirements like speed, horsepower, etc. 

Design and Representation

There are so many things we need to keep in mind while designing the car like the safety of the driver, speed, durability, brake stopping power, suspension setup, visibility, etc. So while constructing and designing the vehicle make sure that you are taking care of your safety. 


Your rally car is incomplete without suspension so make sure that you are adding the latest suspension to it. 

Here is the list of suspensions which are extremely important from my point of view.

Air Suspension


Damping controllers

Lift Kits

And so on….

What’s your suspension??? Use affordable and eco-friendly suspensions at the start.


Plan your budget before upgrading. If you take the 3 to 4 year older car for modification then it will be economical. Without suspensions and rally kit, you can’t design the car. So don’t forget to include their costs too.

These are important points you must be aware of before building a rally car and adding suspension. What’s your view??? Comment below!

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